We work hard Together, win Together, lose Together & learn Together.

As a testament to our mission and goals, we are implementing  “The Jayhawks Initiative", which will seek to leverage the interest and passion of young men in sports to develop a comprehensive programmatic experience that will significantly increase the high school graduation and college rates of its participants. Starting as early as seventh grade, The Jayhawks Initiative will identify and select a subset of ambitious young men who need resources to participate in a high quality program.  We will provide ongoing academic and other intensive supports from middle school through college, tracking key success measures along their academic progression.

The proposed components of the program will encompass the following:

A high-quality athletic program, launching with basketball, to serve as the participation incentive that ensures the students will stay in school and perform up to academic standards

Intensive, year-round tutoring using certified teachers who have worked successfully with improving the academic performance of middle/high school students 

One-on-one mentoring by successful role models who will commit to stay with the students throughout their educational experience

Guidance and support with high school and college placement to ensure participants are getting in front of the best academic opportunities to challenge their growth

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